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Cubeon makes tasks a first class part of NetBeans? by integrating with issue tracking systems. It then monitors your work activity to identify what's relevant and improves productivity by reducing searching, scrolling, navigation and sharing expertise.

NetBeans Plugin - Cubeon Task-Focused Interface
Plugin owner: theanuradha
Added: 2008-08-07
License: Apache License 2.0
Category: Utilities
Downloaded: 3,094 times
 4.25, by 4 users

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Download plugin   Download size: N/A   Last Update: 2011-04-28

What's new in this version

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== Cuben Features == * Task Repository Connectors * API/SPI for adding Connectors. * Local Repository * Supports Create/Modify Task with Task Types(Task,Defect,Enhancement and Feature) with Priorities and Statuses(New,Started and Completed). * Supports Querying local task with Attributes (like All My Completed Tasks ). * Rich Task Editor. * Jira Repository Connector * Supports to connect Jira repository base on project wise or repository wise.Ex: or (this is really useful when working with large repository like to prevent cache only relevant information locally ). * Create/Modify Task *offline/online* and merge task with remote repository. * Rich Task Editor with attributes editing, workflow actions and comments. * Create Query form remote repository filters. * Customized Jira Repositories including custom workflows. * Tracking of Locally Modified tasks and revert modifications. * Repository permissions based to create,modify tasks. * Task Explorer View * API/SPI for adding and customizing Views. * Categorizable Task View ( Folder base ). * Tasks Filtering and Sorting (Ex: Priority,Status etc.. base filtering and sorting ). * API/SPI for adding Filtering and Comparators for Tasks. * Synchronizing with Repository Queries. * Task Icon Badging ( Ex: Priority ). * Focusable Task Context * API/SPI for adding Task Contexts. * Task Linking (Grouping related tasks under Task ). * Source Linking (Grouping related Sources under Task ). * Stacktraces Navigation (Scan and view task related Stacktraces and supports direct navigation to source code). * Active Task Context View On Task Explorer.

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User Comments


@Defunct plugin

Posted by theanuradha on May 09, 2011

Defunct plugin

I have tryed to install this plugin but it seemingly runs neither on NetBeans 6.9 nor 7.0
Any advice ?
Posted by christianlerch on May 08, 2011

upcoming 1.1 version support 6.7
Posted by theanuradha on Jul 09, 2009

Releae for 6.7

Any plans to upgrade this to run in NetBeans 6.7
Posted by tmose on Jul 09, 2009

One Feature that NetBeans didn't had for so many time

This is really a useful plug-in for a developer where task management is an important part of a developers day to day activities. I really like the UI since it is well organized and structured.

The query feature to filter tasks is also one of my favorite features in this plug-in.Also the task linking and source linking were very useful to me when using NetBeans.The most cool feature of them all is the Stacktrace Navigation where i can trace to the source code error location by just pasting the stack trace.

This is one of the rare plug-ins you can get where you can name this as a genuine plug-in and hope this will be integrated to the NetBeans IDE in near future.
Posted by rajivderas on Oct 23, 2008

A part of netbeans release?

So cool feature .
I hope this feture will became stardard part of netbeans ide.
The explorer UI (included a tool bar, many ide prodived the feature by default , eg , Oracle Jdeveloper , IDEA, Eclipse , But netbeans ignore this in a long time )is more friendly than the default provided in netbeans platform.
Posted by hantsy on Aug 31, 2008