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Persistence Explorer is a convenient tool that mimics the Databases module, allowing to register JPA 2.0 persistence providers and units in Services explorer view, browse metamodels of persistence units, tune JPQL queries and view results without the need to deploy your applications.

NetBeans Plugin - Persistence Explorer
Plugin owner: rogersuen
Added: 2010-06-03
License: Apache License, Version 2.0
Category: Programming Languages
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Important: Please visit the Home Page, especially Get Started section, for important information before installing the module and using it.

Persistence Explorer Plugin for NetBeans is a convenient tool that mimics the Database Explorer in NetBeans, providing support to perform simple operations related to JPA 2.0 within the IDE.

This module adds a Persistence node to the Services window. From within the Persistence node you can do the following:

  • Manage the registry of third-party persistence providers and user persistence units.
  • Manage the configurations of user persistence units, include persistence providers and JDBC drivers they are using.
  • Browse the metamodel of a user persistence unit.
  • Tune and execute queries from within a simple JPQL editor and view the results immediately.

Here is a screen shot.

By now, it's just a development version with many limitations and known-issues, but it's still ideal for a JPA developer to learn the specification, tune JPQL queries and then inspect the results immediately without the need to deploy applications. Sorry for the temporary inconvenience, I'm working hard to improve its stability and usability, preparing for the first stable release.

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Project integration feature has been added to the list for consideration

Thanks hantsy.

Project integration feature has been added to the list for consideration based the suggestion from you and others.
Check for more information
Posted by rogersuen on Jun 12, 2010

It is better to add a Persistence node to Project

If a proeject contain a persistence file...It is to construct a node in a java project...
Posted by hantsy on Jun 11, 2010