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NetBeans Plugin - Marilyn TreeTableView Sample
Plugin owner: geertjan
Added: 2007-10-08
License: CDDL
Category: NetBeans Rich Client Platform
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TreeTableView sample. Look in the New Project wizard, in the Samples | Java category to find it. After creating the sample, you will need to add some JARs from the platform cluster in the NetBeans distribution. These are 'org-openide-awt.jar', 'org-openide-dialogs.jar', 'org-openide-explorer.jar', 'org-openide-nodes.jar', 'org-openide-util.jar' and 'org-openide-actions.jar'.

After adding Jars, run the app, and see the following:


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User Comments


Marilyn TreeTableView in NetBeans 7.0 as a TopComponent in a Platform application

Did you tested this application on version 7.0.1 in a platform application as a TopComponent?
I trail it but it doesn’t work, I always have a NullPointer .

Pleas show it and give my some instructions while I like this form of presentation and want to us it in my platform application.

Best regards.

R. Albrecht
Posted by ar1606 on Nov 26, 2011