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NetBeans Plugin - UnrealScript Support
Plugin owner: cthorrors
Website: https://github.com/jkhawkins/UnrealScript-Support/
Added: 2011-04-17
License: CDDL, Version 1.0
Category: Programming Languages
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What's new in this version

1.3 Changed to Ant project type. Added rename, move, copy, etc, to project actions. Added nicer icons. Build script currently does nothing.
1.2 Fixed bug in syntax highlighter with the keyword "string".
1.1 Updated syntax highlighter. Can change fonts and colours in the options menu. Added new project and a sample project options to the "New Project" list.
1.0 Creating project. Syntax highlighting.

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Plugin is not subject to any verification


Syntax highlighting for UnrealScript.
Built for the Killing Floor SDK (UT2004).

Project is in alpha, currently adding lots of new features.

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