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Liquorice is a Netbeans plugin for integrating Liquibase into the Netbeans IDE and platform applications.

Plugin owner: solasola
Added: 2011-04-18
License: Liquorice Binary License
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Liquorice is a Netbeans plugin for integrating Liquibase into the Netbeans IDE and platform applications.

The current, 0.2 version implements rudimentary support and concentrates on the most needed functionality around Liquibase.


  • Database connections stored in the Database Explorer plugin, so the developer doesn't have to separately maintain the registry of connections which are used regularly. Database driver registration is also done with the Database Explorer (if the JDBC driver of your RDBMS doesn't ship with Netbeans).
  • Executing a Liquibase changeset by simply selecting it in the File or Project explorer windows and call the execution from a context menu action. The database connection can be selected during the execution. This way, you can quickly execute and re-execute the database changes when you are actively working on the database structure of an application.
  • A formatted log is displayed in the Output Window about the execution of the changeset, so the developer is properly informed if the changeset execution has failed. Also, one can track the execution of changeset files which contain a lot of changesets or changesets which run for a long time (e.g.: adding an index to a big table)
  • Custom icon for the Liquibase changeset files, so they can better distinguished from the ordinary files.

This is dependent on the following plugins:

  • Database Explorer (may ship with your Netbeans IDE edition)
  • Liquibase (library wrapped as a module, download from the Plugin Portal)

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User Comments


RE: Where's the context menu ???

Got it !

Posted by bleroux on Oct 08, 2012

RE: Where's the context menu ???

If you right-click on a 1.x LiquiBase file in Netbeans, you will see the Liquibase related menu item.

Liquorice doesn't create new global menu items if that is what you are looking for.
Posted by solasola on Oct 04, 2012

RE: Where's the context menu ???

Thanks for the hint, still I don't really get it...

I downloaded the two plugins (liquibase core and liquorice)from here and installed them in Netbeans... Is there anything else I need to do ? I don't have any liquibase file yet, how could there be such a conflict ?
Posted by bleroux on Oct 04, 2012

RE: Where's the context menu ???

It only recognizes LiquiBase 1.x files, you may have tried with 2.x files.
Posted by solasola on Sep 28, 2012

Where's the context menu ???

I've been installing the plugin with 7.0.1 and I can't see any difference... No context menu in the files or project window. Any clue ?
Posted by bleroux on Sep 28, 2012

Works with 7.0.1 on Netbeans (on Windows)

Works as expected. Please check the feature description how it should work.

Edit: I have never tested with LB 2.0.
If the XML structure has changed the plugin may not recognize the 2.0 changeset file.
Posted by solasola on Aug 10, 2011

Cannot get it to work on NetBeans 7

In NetBeans 7 on a maven project with liquibase change logs i cannot se any functionality from the plugin working/appearing.

Edit: actually found it to work (after restarting nebeans perhaps) but it would not detect my existing liquibase 2.0 change logs so I guess the problem is missing support for newer versions of liquibase.
Posted by johanandren on Aug 10, 2011