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This plugin will allow to enable/disable Mozilla Rhino code assist in javascript editor

NetBeans Plugin - Javascript Rhino content assist
Plugin owner: digitalillusion
Added: 2011-06-13
License: SUN
Category: Programming Languages
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What's new in this version

  • The result of the evaluation is displayed in a window
  • The plugin now allows to use a customized set of rules and even different Rhino-derived engines simply by class extension
At the moment, the evaluator is a simple string parser and is not aware of the scope. This is why it confuses symbols names when they are the same

Verifications for NetBeans versions

Plugin is not subject to any verification



The plugin installs an action under Tools menu of NetBeans IDE, and under the javascript editor context menu. This action is named "Toggle javascript Rhino content assist" and allows to enable/disable code autocompletion in Mozilla Rhino context for javascript MIME type.


Althought development is in its initial stage and there are known bugs, the following completion scenarios are supported:

  • Package, classes and interfaces names from the project classpath
  • Engine scope Rhino object and function names
  • Fields, methods and constructors names of Rhino objects
  • Static methods invocation
  • Inline interface implementation
  • Methods signature with parameter type guessing

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User Comments


git hub

Hello, sorry for the late response but I transfered abroad to work (hope this was a good idea) and was without internet connection till now.

The git hub is:

I hope it is useful for you but I guess most of the thing has to be rewritten in order to parse symbols instead of strings.

Good luck
Posted by digitalillusion on Sep 10, 2012

Put code on Github please

I want to do something similar to what you already did here, can you please post the code to Github and put a comment with it's link ?

Thank you in advance
Posted by Monomachus on Aug 30, 2012