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Convert Adobe FXG to Java

NetBeans Plugin - NBFXgFXParser
Plugin owner: geertjan
Website: http://harmoniccode.blogspot.com/
Added: 2011-09-19
License: CDDL
Category: Editing
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What's new in this version

1.1: Made all the actions behave asynchronously.

1.2: A ".js" file is now created if you choose "Canvas", instead of a ".java" file.

1.3: Package statement generated and new NetBeans TopComponent template included.

1.4: FXG transformations supported, new JPanel template, HTML wrapper included with HTML 5 Canvas component.

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Plugin is not subject to any verification


Integration of Gerrit Grunwald's FXG Converter into NetBeans IDE: http://harmoniccode.blogspot.com/

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User Comments


Excellent work!

I want you to ask whether you could not add the X and Y positions in JavaComponent.

I have created one big component and its subcomponents. Now I have to add in code manually.

Layers are exported as subcomponents..

public java.awt.image.BufferedImage createOST1_ZAPLAVENIE_0_Image(final int WIDTH,int x, int y){

float yReal = y*1f/BIG_IMAGE_SIZE_Y);
float xReal = x*1f/BIG_IMAGE_SIZE_X;
final GeneralPath Vrstva_1_0_Group_1_0_1 = new GeneralPath();
Vrstva_1_0_Group_1_0_1.moveTo((0.18971275885103542+xReal) * IMAGE_WIDTH, (0.6306068601583114+yReal) * IMAGE_HEIGHT);
Vrstva_1_0_Group_1_0_1.curveTo((0.19238476953907815+xReal) * IMAGE_WIDTH, (0.6319261213720316+yReal) * IMAGE_HEIGHT , (0.19171676686706746+xReal) * IMAGE_WIDTH,( 0.6358839050131926+yReal) * IMAGE_HEIGHT , (0.19171676686706746+xReal) * IMAGE_WIDTH,( 0.6398416886543535+yReal) * IMAGE_HEIGHT );

Thank you!
Posted by arsi_sk on Mar 10, 2013

Just great...

thx for pushing this forward, it really safes me a lot of time now...

Posted by han.solo on Sep 21, 2011