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A darker look and feel for netbeans. It is based on the Metal Look And Feel and netbeans Get A Tan plugin.

NetBeans Plugin - ez-on-da-ice
Plugin owner: venkatramakkineni
Website: https://sourceforge.net/projects/ez-on-da-ice/
Added: 2011-12-04
License: CDDL-GPL-2-CP
Category: Graphical User Interface
Downloaded: 32,210 times
 4.2, by 11 users

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Versions available

Download plugin   Download size: 0.64 MB   Last Update: 2014-08-03

This plugin is also available on the NetBeans Plugin Portal Update Center. Use 'Tools > Plugins' action from the NetBeans IDE main menu for convenient installation of this plugin

What's new in this version

Version 0.1.9

It took me a while to get this out, but it's finally out. Try it and as usual let me know.
  • Bugs Fixed #8, #16, #17, #22, #23
  • Features #2
  • Patches Submitted 246210, 246199, 239963
  • Improved clearity for scrollbars.
  • Added borders to Tab Header Cells.
  • Added visible close buttons to the Open Tabs List Drop Down.
  • Fixed the Bugzilla issue comment background and foreground.
  • Fixed inactive Checkbox foreground color.

EzObsidian Editor Color Profile

Installing ez-on-da-ice will now install a new Editor Color Profile by the name EzObsidian. This is just plain Obsidian but named differently to avoid conflicts with already installed Obsidian profile. This also includes matching Highlighting and Annotations colors. NOTE: There is an issue with custom annotation colors on Netbeans 8.0. 231617 Luckily there seems to be a work around. Please look at Jan Peska's comment dated 2014-02-12 12:40:09 UTC on the issue.

Annotations Colors Workaround

  • Open options go to FontsAndColors -> Annotations -> Select EzObsidian -> Click restore on the right.
  • Click okay on Options Window.
  • Close and reopen all editor tabs.

Verifications for NetBeans versions

8.0 verification PASSED See verification details
Download plugin   Download size: 0.58 MB   Last Update: 2013-10-30

This plugin is also available on the NetBeans Plugin Portal Update Center. Use 'Tools > Plugins' action from the NetBeans IDE main menu for convenient installation of this plugin

What's new in this version

version 0.1.8

Remove the --laf javax.swing.plaf.metal.MetalLookAndFeel from your netbeans.conf You don't need this anymore. Instead use the drop down in Options -> Miscelaneous -> Window tab.

A new Tan theme is added in this release. Don't forget to tell me if it completely abhorrent.

One of the first things you'll notice is the dim text. I have reduced the intensity of the foreground as they were like nails in my eyes. Let me know if you think otherwise.

  • ez on da ice now shows up in the Options Pane -> Miscellaneous -> windows -> Set LAF drop down
  • Fixed the background color for checkbox menuitem from black.
  • Fixed the OptionsPane Label background color.
  • Fixed the welcome screen colors.
  • Changeed the extremely white foreground to pale white.
  • Fixed the TitledBorder forground color.
  • Fixed the collapsible pane header background color.
  • Added a new Tan theme. But this is incomplete.

version 0.1.7
  • Corrected Navigator colors.
  • All patches to netbeans are now part of Netbeans 7.4 RC1. So the patched libraries won't be distributed with the module.
  • Corrected the background color for RadioButton menu item.

Verifications for NetBeans versions

7.4 verification PASSED See verification details
Download plugin   Download size: 1.22 MB   Last Update: 2013-07-09

What's new in this version

Minimum Netbeans Version: 7.3-beta

Version 0.1.6
  • Removed the hard coding Metal Look and And Feel. Users will now have to use the --laf javax.swing.plaf.metal.MetalLookAndFeel after installing the plugin.
  • Use --fontsize 14 inside etc/netbeans.conf for better readability.
  • Enabled Metal Ocean theme for gradients.
  • Significant Change in colors but overall change towards better look.
  • This release also includes Hack to maven projects. A patch has been submitted already, Bug #225439.
  • It includes netbeans' implementation of Vista Tab Renderer to improve look and feel.
  • NOTE: If you use navigator, there is some text that is grey and matches the background making it invisible. If navigator functionality is important to you, please refrain from upgrading to this plugin version.
    Netbeans 7.3 comes with a new tab to customize the output colors inside OptionsPane. Unfortunately this doesn't affect anything but ant colors. The patch that I submitted exposes these colors to UIDefaults so that they can be customized based on LAF.

  • Version 0.1.5
  • Updates Notification Displayer is now themed. One can now read the text inside the notification displayer.
  • Submitted a patch for it. 206516

The distribution contains a hacked core.ui and db.dataview nbm modules. This will help developers to reap the benefits without waiting for netbeans software lifecycle to make the patch available. ( There are no known issues caused by this patch. )

NOTE : Release 0.1.5 will include changes from 0.1.4 as well. Since it has not been too long since 0.1.4 was released, I am leaving the release notes for 0.1.4 here as well.
Version: 0.1.4
  • Changed the database table view colors to match the rest of the LNG
  • Extracted all the colors to yml file. It is now much easier to create one's own colors by just creating a yaml file. Checkout sources for more info
  • Distribution contains a hacked db.dataview module. So, you can view the table view colors changed now and won't have to wait for netbeans to distribute the changes I submitted as a patch.
This release will include a db.dataview nbm file. It contains hacks to db.dataview to expose the color keys so that they can be customized by ez-on-da-ice. A patch has already been submitted, but their turnaround times seem to be insanely long. The first patch was submitted on 2012-08-09, it is still not available in the distributed nbm files. So the hack will help us in the mean time. Unzip the file and install both NBM files, note that Netbeans will let you install db.dataview nbm file only once and don't try to install it more than once. You can add and remove ez-on-da-ice at whim. Even if you uninstall ez-on-da-ice, the installed db.dataview plugin won't mess up any other look and feel. Like I said, all this db.dataview nbm contains are exposed color customization keys. Try it out, love to hear what you guys think of it so far.

Verifications for NetBeans versions

Plugin is not subject to any verification

Download plugin   Download size: 1.47 MB   Last Update: 2012-08-14

This plugin is also available on the NetBeans Plugin Portal Update Center. Use 'Tools > Plugins' action from the NetBeans IDE main menu for convenient installation of this plugin

What's new in this version

  • Version: 0.1.3
  • Removed NIMRodLAF, using Metal LAF instead. This will remove all the unnecessary animations
  • Ctrl-F issue should be resolved now.
  • Text sliding on the GUI builder tab on Options pane should be eliminated.
This version introduces a few annoyances because of such a big change. The release is to fix the functionality issue that previous versions introduced. Watch for fined tuned look in the future releases and as always, file a bug if you think there is one, helps me spend that much more time on development.

Verifications for NetBeans versions

7.2 verification PASSED See verification details
Download plugin   Download size: 1.23 MB   Last Update: 2012-07-28

What's new in this version

0.1.2 Changed the tab title text color to white so it is readable.
0.1.1 Changed the menus to opaque.

Verifications for NetBeans versions

Plugin is not subject to any verification

Download plugin   Download size: 0.19 MB   Last Update: 2012-05-28

What's new in this version

0.1.1 Changed the menus to opaque.

Verifications for NetBeans versions

Plugin is not subject to any verification


ez on da ice

Goal of the project is to create a look and feel that is easy on the eyes

Project Page


Further Customizations
Rate, Comment :)


Please open bugs and request changes on sourceforge.net. It makes it easier for me to remember and track.

Netbeans Bug:

Database view Colors Bug
The colors in database are not exposed outside. Without these it would not be possible to comeup with a good LNF. I have created a bug and submitted a patch. Could you guys please go to the bug page and vote it up. More the votes, faster the delivery and inturn you will get a better version of ez-on-da-ice.

Vote on Netbeans Patches

Credits Looks best on Matte screen

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User Comments


Change Tab Title color for non saved files


I've had a look on the customization "Editor Tab Title Text Colors" in "Further Customizations", but it doesn't help me to change the color of modified and not saved files.

A modified file is distinguished by the font which becomes bold. But for me it's not obvious enough. Is it possible to set a specific color for a non saved file ?

Thanks by advance.
Posted by bbgun91 on Mar 23, 2016

Change look and feel to darker colors

Hi, i created GIMP Theme Project for GIMP users, here:

And i really want to change interface for my NetBeans for something similar for my themes.
I'm using Win7, how can i change icons, background and foreground for NetBeans?
Posted by rgb4u on Aug 02, 2015

Good plugin

This is an excellent plugin, thank you.

However in this last update the gray changed to a color too bright for my eyes, so I will not do the update. I hope that in the future the old color is supported or I'll have to look for other options.
Posted by nishaven on May 05, 2015



Thanks for the comment. Have you tried Netbeans' dark LAF that ships out of the box ? That looks more or less like the IntelliJ Darcula.

It took me three years of grueling and repetitive work to get the plugin this far. So, I have to say, currently I don't have any plans to create another LAF. Also I still have some outstanding issues remaining with this grey plugin.

On the other hand, if you'd be willing to contribute and develop the LAF to your liking, I'd be able to work with you and tell you what I know. Because, a lot of issues with the colors are now resolved, you'll hv a much easier path than I did. For the most part you'll only be working with colors in UIManager. You'll need help with the identifying which keys change which color, that is where I'll work with you.

Sincerely Venkat
Posted by venkatramakkineni on Nov 09, 2014

Thank you very much

Thank you very much for the plugin. Any chance of you making a version that looks like intellij's Dracula theme or visual studio dark? I really miss something like that on netbeans
Posted by winicius_cota on Nov 07, 2014


Thanks for the comment. The version of ezondaice released for 7.4 works on 8.0.

I have started the work for an 8.0 release (i.e 0.2 version of the plugin). The plan was to include a full featured Dark Editor Color theme with the next release. As you know, none of the third party dark editor color themes support dark Highlighting, Annotation, Diff and Versioning colors. This gets annoying when you are debugging java code and you are using dark editor color theme as all the debugging related colors are bright colors. But that work is so tedious and repetitive, it is taking for ever. If you look at the comments, somebody requested this feature and I have put this feature on the back burner for nearly two years.

So, if you want to keep using the older version. I will try and release a newer version as soon as I finish the editor color theme.

One thing that is not encouraging me is I don't know how many people are still using this. I would still develop it even if I was the only one using it. But it does help my morale if people acknowledge that they are using this plugin.

So please rate the plugin here. Go to Ohloh and press the "I Use This" button and anything, it really helps my enthusiasm to develop the plugin.
Posted by venkatramakkineni on Jul 14, 2014

NetBeans 8.0 Compatibility

Any plans to make this compatible with NetBeans 8.0? As it is incompatible at the moment.
Posted by CrazySerb on Jul 09, 2014

Re: Problem: Old editor syntax colors


You have to download a theme for that. Please look at the following links.


Build your own

Posted by venkatramakkineni on Dec 16, 2013

Problem: Old editor syntax colors

Hi, it seems nice but doesn't fully work with my Netbeans 7.4 . The menus, windows, panels, etc etc are correctly colored in gray but the editor pane (the central part of the screen where the code is written) remains with the old color schema (white background with standard syntax colors).
What's wrong?
Thanks in advance
Posted by -Silver- on Dec 16, 2013

Version 0.1.8 released

After two years of strife, ez-on-da-ice now looks a bit nice. One of the first things you'll notice is the dim text. I have reduced the intensity of the foreground as they were like nails in my eyes. Let me know if you think otherwise. You don't need the --laf javax.swing.plaf.metal.MetalLookAndFeel anymore. You'll see ez-charcoal and ez-tan in the Options -> Miscelaneous -> Window tab. Take an update, try it and let me know.
Posted by venkatramakkineni on Oct 30, 2013

Versioning Colors


Lets carry this coversation on over at sourceforge.net on the bug I attached in the previous comment. Check for my reply over there.
Posted by venkatramakkineni on Oct 17, 2013

Versioning Colors

Hmm, I've tried reinstalling, but no change.

I seem to have the latest version of the plugin installed, I installed it from the plugins dialog in Netbeans. It says it's version 0.1.7

I am using the latest release of NB
Product Version: NetBeans IDE 7.4 (Build 201310111528)

This is on Linux under KDE.

If I disable ez-on-da-ice then the colors show up as expected in the plain metal l&f.
Posted by eggbert74 on Oct 17, 2013

Versioning Colors


It seems like this is working for me. Look at the attached image. Could you try reinstalling the plugin may be ? Are you using Netbeans 7.4 beta / RC1 / RC2 ?

Posted by venkatramakkineni on Oct 16, 2013

Versioning colors

This is looking really good on netbeans 7.4, but one problem I am having is with the versioning colors in the tabs and projects tree. E.g, modified files turn blue, added files turn green, etc...

However with ez-on-da-ice enabled, everything just shows up as white. I know you can change the versioning colors in the options dialog, but it seems to have no effect.
Posted by eggbert74 on Oct 16, 2013

Re mac issues

Do you have --laf javax.swing.plaf.metal.MetalLookAndFeel inside the netbeans.conf file ?
Posted by venkatramakkineni on Oct 15, 2013

mac issues

I am new to the world of macbook's so this might easily be rectified .

I installed netbeans and all the plugins including this one, I reset the IDE the theme worked lovely, I then had a play around with some other themes and settings. I have tried to re enable this plugin but I can't get the same colours and theme to load it just looks completely different. I have even removed netbeans and all associated files in the preferences folder and nothing. Even when re installing netbeans and just the ez plugin but when I restart the ide it does not automatically enable it . I just get the standard mac/osx preference. How can I get this theme re enabled or enable it manually.
Posted by luvdubz on Oct 15, 2013

Release 0.1.7

Please download version 0.1.7. The release might appear trivial but this is the first release where I am not attaching patched nbm files. All the patches are now part of Netbeans 7.4 RC1. Try it out and as usual let me know if there are issues.

Oh! by the way, it doesn't look like Netbeans is going to ship the dark LookAndFeel that they have been working on since 7.2 with this release. So, if you are a fan of darker themes, you are stuck with ez-on-da-ice for a while.

Posted by venkatramakkineni on Sep 30, 2013



0.1.6 is the latest release. If you are referring to my comment, I was replying to @Bearclumsy.

Many of the color related patches are expected to be released with version 7.4. I plan to do another release at that time.

Posted by venkatramakkineni on Aug 15, 2013

Can`t find the latest files

Hi. Sorry, but i can't find the latest files. on sorceforge i see only 0.1.6 version 2013-03-13.
Posted by kimp_07 on Aug 15, 2013



It will install just like any other plugin. Here is the url that tells you more.

If you are seeing any issues while trying to install it. Can you please open a bug on SourceForge project page. Also, attach any stacktrace you are seeing.

Posted by venkatramakkineni on Aug 14, 2013

Can't install this theme.

Hello, please tell my how install its theme in Netbeans.
Full manual if you can.
Thank you very much for the earlier.
Posted by Bearclumsy on Aug 13, 2013

@kimp_07 & venkatramakkineni

thank you both :)
Posted by PiTRiS87 on Jul 17, 2013


The theme is Obsidian essentially, there are quite a few implementations out there. Just google for `Netbeans Obsidian Theme`. Here is one example.

Posted by venkatramakkineni on Jul 16, 2013

2 PiTRiS87

Here http://netbeansthemes.com/
Posted by kimp_07 on Jul 16, 2013

Color Scheme

Where can i download the color scheme (fonts, etc) shown in the screenshot? As far as I'm concerned, it's not included in the pack or i can't install it. Can someone please point me in right direction? Netbeans 7.3.1

Thank you
Posted by PiTRiS87 on Jul 15, 2013


Done did it, thanks for letting me know.
Posted by venkatramakkineni on Jul 09, 2013

#Bug. Change description to --fontsize

There is no --font parameter.

Use --font 14 inside etc/netbeans.conf for better readability.

Use --fontsize 14 inside etc/netbeans.conf netbeans_default_options for better readability.
Posted by milkovsky on Jul 09, 2013



This is a bug, I have been looking for the code that does this for a long time. I have not worked on the code in a few weeks because of daytime work overload, but I think I have a fix for this. I hope to deliver this in the next release. In the mean time, I think the only option available is to select the function to see the function params. There isn't a better way for now :(
Posted by venkatramakkineni on Apr 11, 2013

fonts and colors in ez-on-da-ice

Hi. Sorry for my bad English.
In outline navigator window the font of functions' parameters have the same color as background, and they're unvisible until unselected. how can I change it? thanks.
Posted by kimp_07 on Apr 11, 2013

Much-much better

Hi Venkat,

Thx. for the new version. It is much-much better :DDD.

Posted by Deldadam on Mar 11, 2013


@Deldadam, Your comments didn't offend me. I got a chance to express my limitations. I have updated the plugin. Try taking an update. Let me know what you think.
Posted by venkatramakkineni on Mar 11, 2013

Re: Re: Still very ugly on Win7

I'm sorry, I didn't mean my comments offending, only wanted to point out the problems on Win7. (Somewhere I've read you're working on Linux, and thought maybe you can't test your plugin on Win.)

I appreciate your efforts and time put into this project, mainly because there are only very few available 'dark themes' in NB world. (It looks like other ppl have also recognised this: http://plugins.netbeans.org/plugin/46003/dark-nimbus-theme). And I hate the light background: can't imagine how ppl are able to gaze into a light screen all the day! So no, pls. don't give it up!

I'll compile my 'black list' and provide screenshots in my bug reports.

Regarding the version with Nimrod LaF: I meant it only 'cos that was the nicest version where I didn't see the current probs. I accept the reason why you've removed Nimrod LaF, so I don't want it back. I would like just to have the same nice colours on my screen what was provided by that old Nimrod-version...

Be prepared for my bug reports! :D

Posted by Deldadam on Feb 25, 2013

Re: Still very ugly on Win7

Can't argue with blanket statement like that. If it makes you feel any better, it is much better on windows than on Linux. I tested it on windows. I agree with most of the issues you have, and all of them are fixable. If you are asking me to fix them, I will. Please open a bug on the project page like you did before. If on the other hand you are citing these problems to abandon the plugin, then let me tell you this, there is only so much room I can work with. Beyond that I will have to develop a new UI Implementation for each Component which I am trying to avoid. So, chances are you are not going to see any dramatic changes in the look and feel. The goal is to be easy to look at it for long hours, I will put my efforts towards that.

Font is customizable, please use the --fontsize flag to specify that inside your netbeans.conf. Here is a link to the documentation http://wiki.netbeans.org/FaqFontSize. I have changed mine and it looks a lot better.

Also, the version of the plugin you mentioned uses NimRodLAF. It doesn't integrate well with Netbeans. It was actually messing up Swing Component functionality, like if you hover over a text field it would add padding to a textpane elsewhere and such. This is the reason I removed it from classpath. If you care for it, checkout the older version of source code and try building it, let me know if you are stuck somewhere.
Posted by venkatramakkineni on Feb 25, 2013

Still very ugly on Win7

I loved this LaF with NB 7.1. But since you've changed to Metal LaF it is very ugly on Win 7. I don't know whether this is because of Metal LaF or your plugin doesn't simply fit to Windows boxes.

Just a few probs:
- ugly white/lgrey borders around everywhere mostly in menus, around icons when hovering them, menu commands
- font size is smaller than usual
- check boxes looks like gif pictures with 16 colours on the web in 90's
- unreadable text in many fields
- very dark blue name of (locally changed and uncommitted into repo's) files on dark grey background in Projects view

I'm sorry.

Posted by Deldadam on Feb 21, 2013

Update Notification Bubble fixed.

Default Update Notification bubble is in pale yellow color and since our foreground is white, the text is barely readable. So changed the color to blue.
Posted by venkatramakkineni on Jan 28, 2013

Table colors fixed


If you are using 7.3-beta, try out the 0.1.4 version of the plugin. The database table colors should be fixed. Let me know what you think.
Posted by venkatramakkineni on Jan 20, 2013


I would place my vote... but where is the bug report?

Link pls. I was not able to find the report via normal search...


Posted by Deldadam on Aug 09, 2012


Please help the development of ez-on-da-ice by voting up Database View Colors Bug. Ok fixed the link.

Posted by venkatramakkineni on Aug 08, 2012

Has some problems with 7.2

The Find and Find/Replace text entry boxes are all messed up if the plugin is installed in NetBeans 7.2. We had to temporarily disable the plugin after we upgraded to 7.2.
Posted by kidvid on Aug 02, 2012

Pretty good

Works OK, but there are some issues as mentioned in previous comments. 3rd party Swing look and feels never seem to get it quite right, or break between Java versions.

I use the old style "steel" Metal l&f which works well, and is much lighter than all other look and feels. It is possible to change the colors of the Metal l&f. I think using metal would be a better basis for a dark color plugin as it's never going to get "outdated" because oracle has to support it.

What would be really neat is if there was a plugin based on Metal where we could define our own colors for the UI.

Posted by eggbert74 on Jul 30, 2012


"... to become one of those ten..."
Well, a little help:
'10' = 2 in binary notation

Sorry, it is almost 30 years old joke. Certainly you are from a younger generation ;-)

Posted by Deldadam on Jul 28, 2012


Thanks for testing the bug. I will look at it.

I have been aspiring to become one of those ten people for a while, but evidence suggests otherwise :). I'll change the version number.

Stay tuned for a release in a couple days, while it won't solve all issues, especially sql tables issue, it will solve some of them.
Posted by venkatramakkineni on Jul 26, 2012

Versioning - a wise methode to help users and yourself

A little bit confusing version numbers are used.
Here, on the top of NB plugin portal version '0.1.1' is written. The same version number is displayed on the SourceForge site (https://sourceforge.net/projects/ez-on-da-ice/). However the file size downloaded from here is 200 045 bytes, while the 'same' version on SourceForge has a size of 194 336 bytes. I doubt that the same sw. version can suffer from almost 6kB difference :)
Now it is getting more complicated if you install the plugin, and you look at the internally displayed version number in NB's Plugin window: it says 'version 1.0'.

I know that 'there are only 10 people on the world who can understand the binary logic' - but I hope you are among them :)

So, currently you've got only 2 versions, which is still not so complicated situation, but if you wanna develop your plugin in the future - and I hope you will - then you and your users will face to a messy situation, when not using some more consequent versioning.


Posted by Deldadam on Jul 26, 2012

Problem on find/replace fields in 7.2 - Windows too

Same problem found on Windows 7 as mentioned by Franck 2 posts earlier.


P.s.: Opened bug tracker on Source Forge.
Posted by Deldadam on Jul 26, 2012


Not well viewing data from a database with sql instructions in 7.1.2 version
Posted by gleyverg on Jul 16, 2012


Bug trackers opened as requested.

Posted by Deldadam on Jul 15, 2012

Problem on find/replace fields in 7.2RC


Thank you for this very nice work, thank you for my eyes !

I found a problem in 7.2RC : the two fields in the find/replace bar (Ctrl+F) disappear as I type in them, or as the mouse hovers them.

You can see a screen capture here :


I'm on Debian GNU/Linux Testing (Wheezy), using KDE as desktop environment. Netbeans 7.2RC.

I don't have this problem on 7.1.2.

Thus, as you can see on the capture, all the tab titles in the left bar are black on very dark grey, which is not very readable. And the selected tab in the editor is not orange as in your picture, but this is not a problem.

Thanks again, and sorry for my english (french !).

Posted by web82 on Jul 15, 2012


Thanks for the comment.

This week has been busy, but I intend to provide fixes for this. Neil has helped by pointing me to his fixes, I have to customize those for ez-on-da-ice. Would you be so kind to open a bug on sourceforge.net :)

Posted by venkatramakkineni on Jul 13, 2012

Two small issues


- The background colour of file tabs in the editor are not 'themed' if using Win7/64 + JRE 7u4/64 + NB7.1.2. It uses the standard 'selection colour' set in Windows theme. (I mean that colour which is orange on your sample screenshot above.)
- The icons of the editor toolbar shrink in width a bit when mouse hovers them first time causing a small shift to left at the icons behind the hovered one (unexpected animation :-).

Anyway very nice plugin! I really like it, cos' I hate the bright backgrounds watching them all the day...

Keep going,

Posted by Deldadam on Jul 12, 2012



Didn't even know about the bug. Thanks for the heads up. I will look at it.
Posted by venkatramakkineni on Jul 11, 2012



Glad it was useful! Something else you might find of use is my comment on http://netbeans.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=207569 which was originally reported against your module.

Best wishes, Neil
Posted by NeilCSmith on Jul 11, 2012



Thanks, I haven't visited your page before. I have added the first fix and the tab text is much more clear. Would you please share your changes. I can add those and publish a newer version.


Found a link to your source on your blog. Thank you.

Posted by venkatramakkineni on Jul 10, 2012

The dark arts

This looks nice! Wondered if you'd seen my post here - http://praxisintermedia.wordpress.com/2011/09/29/the-dark-arts-of-netbeans-hackery/ Hack #1 *might* help with your installation issues below.

The Praxis theme is a slight fork of NimROD, which fixes a few issues I found with NetBeans components. I can point you at the changes if you're interested.
Posted by NeilCSmith on Jul 09, 2012

Opaque menus it is

You should be able to see opaque menus now. Thanks for the comments.
Posted by venkatramakkineni on May 11, 2012

Like the dark look

I appreciate the light-on-dark look, good job.

I'm not such a big fan of transparent menus. I prefer opaque.
Posted by jdalbey on May 11, 2012

work around

This happens because there seems to be no straight forward way to enforce netbeans restart on plugin reactivation.

When the plugin is deactivated netbeans forces a restart, so it is able to set the LAF to the default Synth on restart. But on reactivation, since there is no restart enforced, Installer is directly being called which is inturn setting the LAF to NimROD at runtime and hence the ClassCastException.

So I have requested a feature enhancement that would give plugin developers the liberty to request system restart if needed.

Until that point, the only way to get around this is by manually restarting netbeans after reactivating the plugin.
Posted by venkatramakkineni on Dec 19, 2011

half applied theme on reactivation

Hi there,
Installing it, activating it and deactivating it OK, however, re-activating it partially applies the theme to the IDE (unless you restart the IDE)
The changes I noticed:
> The plugin screen is themed
> Members View has is themed
> Half the menu labels are white
> Menu icons disappeared

Tested on: NetBeans IDE 7.1 RC2 (Build 201111302200)
Java: 1.7.0; Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM 21.0-b17
System: Windows 7 64bit
Posted by carlosqt on Dec 06, 2011

UI pb on reactivation

a little problem :
- install the plugin, restart the IDE
- deactivate the plugin, restart the IDE
- reactivate the plugin => the Look&Feel is not updated, only some parts of the UI come from the new L&F

After a NetBeans restart, the L&F is ok.

Could you ask the user to restart NetBeans after the plugin reactivation ? (if it is technically possible)


Tested on the latest Dev Build, JDK 6u29 and 7u01, WinXP SP3 x86_32.
Posted by ent38 on Dec 05, 2011