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Zidie is a Strongly Typed Programming Language for Web development. It generates PHP code.

NetBeans Plugin - Zidie Programming Language
Plugin owner: orindzs
Website: http://zidie.eu
Added: 2011-12-16
License: Free
Category: Programming Languages
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- Mail API - Cookie API - Some bugfixes

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This plugin allows you to develop PHP web pages with the strongly typed Zidie programming language. It supports code completion, on thy fly error highlighting, and code generation.

Please consider that this is a very early alpha release which has lots of bugs and unimplemented features. There isn't any warranty that the API isn't changed in the next releases. This release is just a preview to getting feedback from you (bugs and feature requests).

This version of Zidie NetBeans Plugin can be used Totally FREE, but also there isn't any warranty, that the next releases is also will be free. The licensing of the product is under active design and development.

By dowloading this application, you are accept that this product can be used for your own risk.

Installing: You can install this plugin to the NetBeans ide, by adding the following url to the NetBeans Update Center in the Tools | Plugins | Settings window. http://zidie.eu/updatecenter/updates.xml

For more information about using this plugin, visit our support page: http://zidie.eu/support.php

You can file a bug or a feature request in our issue tracker: http://zidie.eu/bugtrack/

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