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Shortcut for principal html tag + html entity encode / decode

NetBeans Plugin - simpleHTML
Plugin owner: megametres
Website: http://daniel.sauvé.com
Added: 2012-03-25
License: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0
Category: Code Generation
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What's new in this version

- Added the label tag
- Fixed wrong shortcut
- Fixed null pointer error when no document is selected

Verifications for NetBeans versions

Plugin is not subject to any verification


All the shortcuts are added in the HTML toolbar Here are the list of the tag => shortcut

a => ctrl+L A
div => ctrl+L D
em => ctrl+L I
form => ctrl+L F
h1 => ctrl+L 1
h2 => ctrl+L 2
h3 => ctrl+L 3
h4 => ctrl+L 4
h5 => ctrl+L 5
h6 => ctrl+L 6
label ctrl+L ctrl+L li => ctrl+L L
ol => ctrl+L O
p => ctrl+L P
ul => ctrl+L U
span => ctrl+L S
strong => ctrl+L B
sub => ctrl+L -
sup => ctrl+L +
table => ctrl+L T T
td => ctrl+L T D
tr => ctrl+L T R
I also implemented an html entity encode ( ctrl+L E) / decode (ctrl+L ctrl+E) function which works on a selected text or on the whole document if nothing selected Thanks to Dave Shea for his Chalkwork icons ( )

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