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This plugin provide the ability for creating a new project for developing a Joomla component

Plugin owner: michele.vigilante
Added: 2013-01-02
License: CDDL
Category: Programming Languages
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What's new in this version

Now the plugin provides a new file type. Clicking New / Other / Joomla /New Form. You will be able to create a new form associated with your project. You can create backend and/or frontend form. You can create and delete fieldsets and fields from the tree view. You can also explore field's properties using the properties view.

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This plugin provide a new project type for Joomla component development. The project will contain all necessary files for a complete Joomla component. Generated code will be ready to be deployed on Joomla. The component is compatible with Joomla 2.5. Starting from this code you can customize it in order to create your own component.

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User Comments


Great plugin

The plugin is great for Joomla 2.5. there are some things that can be enhanced but for the most part it does a go job a getting you started.
It would be great if we could contribute and make it better.
having source code on git would be a good start,,, ii would be glad to spend the time to make it 3.x compatible.
Just a thought..........
Posted by brazitec on Feb 03, 2014

needs updating

update it for 3.2
Posted by n6rej on Oct 16, 2013

Hello World page not working

I created a new project with the JoomlaModule plugin. It automatically generated the whole structure for a Hello World component with database access, which I thought was very neat. I created a package without modifying the generated sample code, and I installed it on my Joomla environment. However, there are a few things that are not working for me, and I was wondering if it had to do with my environment, or if it was a bug.

1) If I browse http://localhost/joomla/index.php?option=com_helloworld, I get a 500 error. I traced the code, and errors are generated in getItem() in models/helloworld.php. For some reason $id remains null at line 66, and I think this is what causes the error.

2) In the administrative interface, I see string tags like COM_HELLOWORLD_SUBMENU_CATEGORIES instead of the real strings. My computer is currently using the en-US locale.

3) When I started experimenting with this plugin, my machine's locale was fr-CA, and the plugin would not work properly. It would generate only part of the helloworld.xml file. It would stop as soon as it would encounter a letter with an accent, for instance after "ao" while outputting the month (août = Auhust in French).
Posted by velum on Aug 30, 2013


best plugin ever
Posted by morena.livera on Jan 04, 2013