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Plugin owner: sebosse
Added: 2013-01-18
License: gpl 3
Category: Web Applications
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Create a new desktop application. Actually there is only clean and build source action. After you have created a new desktop application, you can create class, interface, mixin files. In the next release, this module will integrate a syntax helper for the qooxdoo API.

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What is it?

From the description, this plug-in does the same thing as running create-application.py from the command line - correct? Are there any additional advantages?
Posted by kaigr on Jan 30, 2013

The build source action

This process take a long time, so please wait
Posted by sebosse on Jan 21, 2013

"Build source" project action is not usable

I installed Qooxdoo plugin, created new Qooxdoo Sample Desktop Application with QooxDoo 2.0.3 framework and invoked "Build source" action from its popup menu. IDE got unresponsive for 3 minutes. For more details see:

Posted by jkovalsky on Jan 21, 2013