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This Netbeans plugin makes it easy to add new modules to PHP projects based on Zend Framework 2. It currently works on Netbeans 7.3

NetBeans Plugin - NetBeans ZF2 Module Creator
Plugin owner: kalengi
Added: 2013-11-27
License: MIT
Category: Utilities
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Rebuilt against JDK6

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The ZF2 Module Creator makes use of code templates to generate the directory structure and initial module configuration files that are required for a Zend Framework 2 module. The configuration files can be found under src/resources in the Bitbucket source code repository.

Plugin Usage

  • Specify the locations of the templates through Tools > Options > PHP > NdZF2:
    Template directory should contain the files found in src/resources/CodeTemplates
    Module Definition File should be the location of the file src/resources/ModuleDefinition/NdZf2ModuleDefinition.stg
  • Setup a new ZF2 skeleton project as described in Getting started: A skeleton application
  • Right-click the /module folder and select New ZF2 Module...
  • Type in the name of the module and click Finish.

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User Comments


it's ok

working with Netbeans 8.1
also in nb8.2
Posted by mmariotti on Oct 24, 2016

module creation failed solution

@luizkim follow the link for solution:
Posted by ashfaqzp on Aug 29, 2016

Error on create module

Error in create a module:
module creation failed with error: please specify the module definition file on the options
Posted by luizkim on Dec 07, 2015

Awesome plugin!

Thanks for this plugin, it's very useful. Also it works in Netbeans 7.4 :D
Posted by maria_paulinar on Jan 19, 2014