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Run projects with interactive command line arguments

NetBeans Plugin - Run With Arguments
Plugin owner: tusharvjoshi
Added: 2014-03-22
License: MIT
Category: Testing
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This plugin is also available on the NetBeans Plugin Portal Update Center. Use 'Tools > Plugins' action from the NetBeans IDE main menu for convenient installation of this plugin

What's new in this version

Release 1.2.0 with new features 1) Debug project and Debug file actions now available 2) Support for JavaFX projects added

Verifications for NetBeans versions

8.0 verification PASSED See verification details


Run With Arguments plugin provides a context sensitive action for ANT based projects. This action will ask for command line arguments in an inut box before executing the run command on the ant build file.

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User Comments


JavaFX Issue


WIll you be so kind to add this bug report to the issues page on GITHUB here

Will you please also mention the Operating system and JDK version. The information which is available in the About dialog box of NetBeans IDE is also helpful.

If a sample project can be attached it will also be very helpful for me to reproduce the issue and work on it

Thanks again
Posted by tusharvjoshi on Mar 31, 2014

JavaFX projects - don't work

For JavaFX projects plugin - don't work!
Here is Output my demo in NetBeans:

ant -f D:\\Projects\\Java8Projects\\PropertyDemo -Dapplication.args=a run
Deleting: D:\Projects\Java8Projects\PropertyDemo\build\
Updating property file: D:\Projects\Java8Projects\PropertyDemo\build\
Detected JavaFX Ant API version 1.3
Launching task from C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0\jre\..\lib\ant-javafx.jar
Warning: From JDK7u25 the Codebase manifest attribute should be used to restrict JAR repurposing.
Please set manifest.custom.codebase property to override the current default non-secure value '*'.
Launching task from C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0\jre\..\lib\ant-javafx.jar
Error: Could not find or load main class com.javafx.main.Main
Java Result: 1
BUILD SUCCESSFUL (total time: 1 second)
Posted by ltorok on Mar 31, 2014

Run with Arguments for JavaFX project type

@ltorok thanks for the comment

The plugin actions also work with JavaFX projects now, plus there are new debug project and debug file actions also in the new release.
Posted by tusharvjoshi on Mar 26, 2014

Extension for JavaFX projects

Good job, very useful plugin.
Yet extend it for JavaFX projects...
Posted by ltorok on Mar 26, 2014