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Enhanced version of the JSF Pages for Entities wizard for PrimeFaces.

NetBeans Plugin - PrimeFaces CRUD Generator
Plugin owner: kwrobel
Added: 2014-04-18
License: GPL
Category: Code Generation
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What's new in this version

This version is new to the portal, but is iteration 25 since its inception in Feb. 2013. Many features were added since the original version. A full list of features will be made available in the future.

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Plugin is not subject to any verification


Generates PrimeFaces-capable JSF pages from Entity Classes. Based on original JSF Pages from Entity Classes wizard inside JSF Support plugin. This plugin provides a more full-featured approach to the PrimeFaces-capable JSF Pages from Entity wizard that was incorporated into NetBeans since 8.0. Among the features that are available is the option to place all include files in different paths, context menus and navigation to pages belonging to parent or children entities, MyFaces CODI @ViewAccessScoped support, a controller structure based on top-level abstract class similar to NetBeans' EJB Facade classes. The generator also properly supports many-to-many relationships, composite keys, read-only fields, skipping of @Version fields among other non-visible features.

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Unable to install .bin file

Unable to install .bin file
What I can do? Please
Posted by andresgarcia0313 on Apr 15, 2017