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Supports Plant UML files.

Plugin owner: JCARLOSGM
Added: 2014-06-02
License: GPL
Category: Modeling
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Create and edit UML files using Plant UML within the IDE. Author: Venkat R Akkineni Website: Help
  • Zoom ( Ctrl + Left Click )
  • Realize zoom ( Shift + Right Click )
  • Pan ( SHIFT + Left Click )
  • Rotate ( CTRL + Right Click )
  • Reset ( CTRL + SHIFT + Right Click )

Version 1.3

What's new

  • Fixed mouse event handlers. You can now use mouse and keyboard combination to perform zoo / rotate / pan.
  • Improved Lexer grammer.
  • Added a help hover button below to show the keyboard shortcuts.
  • Added code template support..
  • Showing document name on Preview panel titlebar.
  • Upgraded plantuml version to 7985.
  • Add support for PlantUML Dependency. Users can now create plantuml files from existing java files. Go to New File >

Known Issues

  • Scrollbar on the canvas is not working properly.
    • WorkAround: Use pan in the mean time.


  • I have not researched into all possible code templates. If you, as a plantuml user, find code snippets that could be included inside the plugin, please share these with me via a sourceforge issue, so that everybody can benefit from your contribution.

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