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Cool and useful tools to improve your productivity. Currently contains 3 tools: 1. WebSearch 2. ColorPicker 3. PatternTester. Download my NetBeans tips and tricks Android app:

NetBeans Plugin - CoolTools
Plugin owner: pedrohidalgo
Added: 2014-06-16
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Category: Utilities
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What's new in this version

New Tool Added Pattern Tester Test 3 differents types of pattern formats (Date, Number and String.format())

Enhancement in Tool WebSearch:

  1. now with CTRL-SHIFT-G the search textfield get focus
  2. pressing enter in jcombobox launch the search too.

Enhancement in Tool ColorPicker:

  1. new label shows a preview of the current selected color.
  2. Bug fixed "when the html color code contains 0 at the beginning does not shows the zeroes."
  3. New Icon

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This is a plugin to improve developer productivity. Currently contains 3 tools:

  1. WebSearch (Search the web in Google, Wikipedia, DuckDuckGo, StackOverFlow, Google Translate or Google play)
  2. ColorPicker (choose a color using JColorChooser and it will automatically be in the clipboard)
  3. PatternTester (test 3 differents kinds of patterns (date, number and String.format())

A big amount of my knowledge about NetBeans IDE is available to you in google play if you download my android app: that currently contains tips and tricks for the following technologies: Java, HTML5, SQL, Play Framework, info about useful plugins, custom code templates made for us to you! (for bootstrap, sql, postgresql, HTML5, playframework) and more. The NetBeans tips and tricks app can improve your productivity a lot.

Download NetBeans Tips and Tricks App.

If you don't need all the tools Netbeans allows you customize the toolbar. Right click in the NetBeans toolbar and choose "Customize", then you can drag and drop to outside of the toolbar the tools you don't want to use at the moment.

I'm planning more tools for future releases. Please suggest me more tools to add it. If you like this plugin I would be happy if you send me an email at:

God loves you!

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