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Provides useful features for mixed Java/C++ development process

NetBeans Plugin - Mixed Java/Cpp Development Support
Plugin owner: petrk
Added: 2014-09-30
License: CDDL-GPL-2-CP
Category: Programming Languages
Downloaded: 2,360 times
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What's new in this version

1) Navigation from Java to C++ 2) Step into native JNI methods 3) Easy creation of JNI projects from Java classes

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Provides editor features like navigation from Java methods to C++ functions when JNI or JNA technologies are used. Makes debugging of mixed applications mostly seamless. Also helps with creation of JNI projects directly from Java classes.

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Development version or 8.0.1 with updates

Please note that it could be installed only in development version of NetBeans or 8.0.1 with updates!
Posted by petrk on Oct 10, 2014