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Automount SSHFS in NetBeans

NetBeans Plugin - SSHFS Mounts
Plugin owner: Serioga
Added: 2014-11-14
License: WTFPL
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This module uses underlying OS'(linux/mac) sshfs command to mount remote systems via public/private keys authentication, and fusermount -u -z {MountPoint} is used to unmount a remote system when Netbeans is closed.

You must have:

  • sshfs and fuse installed and properly configured
  • A working key authentication setup

Hard coded sshfs options are:

  • -o ConnectTimeout=7
  • -o BatchMode=yes
  • -o ssh_protocol=2

Do NOT use options that require user input. It will not work and will hang your Netbeans. Test first time mounts in terminal or use -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no (default is: "ask")

Auto Mount will attempt to mount a remote system only if files from that system were open in a previous session. Sshfs command is executed synchronously, therefore Auto Mount might increase start-up time if your network connection is slow.

- Sergey Mosin

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User Comments


It didn't work

I've been using the sshfs for a while but I wasn't able to make this plugin work (MacBook Pro, Yosemite). Maybe the instructions and the error message could be more detailed.
Posted by almircampos on Jun 13, 2015