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Allows you to directly open files in System explorer

Plugin owner: breebo
Added: 2015-01-26
License: Apache License V2
Category: Utilities
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This modules adds an new context menu item that allows you to open a file in your systems browser directly out of the IDE. You also got the ability to select an external program for the open Action. For further details see FAQ on

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not support netbeans 8.1?

not support netbeans 8.1?
Posted by mcheung63 on Apr 12, 2016

Simple and effective.

Right-click anything in the Projects or Files view, and you'll see "Open in System Browser..." option. On Windows, invoking this on folders opens them in Explorer, and on files opens it in the default application for that filetype.

Only deficiency -- this option does not show up on top-level project folders in the "Files" tab, only on subfolders. Aside from that, it's perfect.
Posted by matvei on Oct 13, 2015