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This plugins helps you easily create Aspose Maven based project through step by step wizard. The created maven project will have the latest available Maven Dependencies for the selected Aspose APIs along with the configuration setup of Aspose Cloud Maven Repository.

NetBeans Plugin - Aspose Maven Project Wizard
Plugin owner: AsposeMarketplace
Added: 2015-02-06
License: MIT
Category: Code Generation
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This plugin is also available on the NetBeans Plugin Portal Update Center. Use 'Tools > Plugins' action from the NetBeans IDE main menu for convenient installation of this plugin

What's new in this version

  • This is the first version of the plugin and comes with Aspose Maven Project wizard for creating Aspose Maven based project in NetBeans IDE. It supports the full product range of Aspose Java APIs and their Maven Dependencies
  • Aspose Maven Project wizard fetches the latest maven dependencies references from Aspose Cloud Maven repository and adds in the created maven project along with the configuration of Aspose Cloud Maven repository. The created maven project is fully functional and therefore can be enhanced right afterward.

Verifications for NetBeans versions

8.0 verification PASSED See verification details


Aspose Maven Project creates a new NetBeans Maven based project by fetching and referencing Aspose Java APIs maven dependencies from Aspose Cloud Maven Repository.

  • This plugin helps you to explore Aspose Java Components inside your favorite NetBeans IDE.
  • Aspose Maven Project wizard allows you to select APIs from Aspose Java product lines like Aspose.Cells for Java and Aspose.Words for Java etc.
  • Once specific API is selected, its maven dependency reference is automatically fetched from Aspose Cloud Maven repository and added in pom.xml of the maven project.
  • Newly created mavenproject is ready to debug/evaluate, all references are automatically added.
  • With this plugin, you never need to check for new releases of Aspose APIs.
  • Whenever a new release is published and its maven dependency is available, only latest maven dependency will be added while creating new maven project.

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