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Run My Script - Run your currently opened file in NetBeans

NetBeans Plugin - Run My Script
Plugin owner: czjvic
Added: 2015-08-01
License: MIT
Category: Utilities
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What's new in this version

- Parse CHECKSTYLE format and show annotation instead output windows - Process run in separate thread

Verifications for NetBeans versions

8.0 verification PASSED See verification details


  • Run currently opened file with an interpreter (useful for JavaScript file - you can run JavaScript file directly in NetBeans). Output will be inserted to Output window directly in Netbeans.
  • Run your specific command with currently opened file in parameter. This is useful for ESLint or JSCS, which doesn't supported in netbeans... You can configure path to the ESLint/JSCS and in output window you will see result of the command.


Tools > Options > Miscellaneous > Run My Script


Source > Run My Script (CTRL + SHIFT + F12)

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User Comments


RE: Promising but...

It's practical everywhere... You can use ESLint/JSCS on windows too without any problems...

Two interpreter? No problem, you can write custom .sh/.bat file, where you switch by the file extension... I have ESLint for *.js, PHPCS for *.php.

Posted by czjvic on Aug 28, 2015

Promising but...

It'd more useful if you could configure a different interpreter/environment per file type. As it's now, you can configure it to run "node $CURRENT_FILE$" and use it for JavaScript or "$CURRENT_FILE$" and use it for Windows batch files... but not both.

I guess it's more practical if you run Linux.
Posted by kAlvaro on Aug 28, 2015

RE: multiple file run ?

No it doesn't... You can add this functionality and commit it to github:
Push request is welcome.
Posted by czjvic on Aug 16, 2015

multiple file run ?

does this plugin make possible to multiple file run of all opened files ?
Posted by mysiar on Aug 16, 2015