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Navigate from HTML or JavaScript files to JSON files via a context menu.

NetBeans Plugin - JSON Navigator
Plugin owner: milanka
Added: 2015-08-18
License: MIT License
Category: Editing
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What's new in this version

Can open all files at once.

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8.2 verification PASSED See verification details
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What's new in this version

Add navigation from JavaScript files.

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Plugin is not subject to any verification


Allows fast navigation to JSON files (containing localizations string used by Angular Translate). In HTML or JavaScript files, right click a JSON key path and choose "Open in JSON file". JSON files are searched in all project directories except those excluded in options.

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User Comments



Can you please upload the code to github or bitbucket or whatever you prefer? Thx.
Posted by ChrisLE on Oct 04, 2018

Same logic

I think you can use the same logic for this. The behaviour is different, sure but for me I have a shortcut for doing this and I can hit the key and voila :D
Posted by ChrisLE on Aug 19, 2015

Re: Action in js files

Thanks for the feedback! I added support for js files. I'll check later if ctrl+clicking would work here. (IMHO it's still quite fast to use the context menu, but surely ctrl+click would be more intuitive.)
Posted by milanka on Aug 19, 2015

Action in js files

Sometimes it is needed, that we set translations via javascript files. Is it possible to add those action to js files too? Would be very nice. Anyway, your tool is great. What I would like to have is a navigation not with right click, more like the go to deklaration like Ctrl + click. It would be very handy. So I only need a shortcut and your little popup comes up and I can choose it.


Posted by ChrisLE on Aug 19, 2015