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Play Framework Support for NetBeans IDE. This plugin combines the High Velocity web framework for java and Scala (Play Framework) with the Smarter way to code (NetBeans) to increase developer productivity.

NetBeans Plugin - Pleasure Play Framework Plugin
Plugin owner: pedrohidalgo
Added: 2015-11-04
License: Apache License, Version 2.0
Category: Web Applications
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fixed issue #4 Class rename via refactoring does not work bug

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Pleasure Play Framework Plugin: Develop Play Framework apps with Pleasure.

Motivates this work with btn_donate_SM.gif
Pull Requests and bug reports, feature/enhancement requests are very welcome!

Most Important Features:

  • Create, run, debug and test your app directly in the IDE using Java and/or Scala
  • Routes files support (Formatting, Syntax Error Hightlighting, Hints, Code completion, Hyperlink navigation, Mark occurrences, show methods code without navigate to source file)
  • Scala Template support (Formatting, Syntax Error Hightlighting, Code completion, Hyperlink navigation, Components palette, Mark occurrences, show class and methods code without navigate to source file)
  • application.conf support. (Syntax coloring, Formatting, Code Completion, Mark Occurrences, Visually edit database connections). There is support for any .conf file in a play project
  • Test Coverage Integration: jacoco4sbt and sbt-scoverage
  • Test Single File (Right-click your test file and choose "Test file").
  • Dependency Management (Allow search on maven, view, add and remove your dependencies without touching the build.sbt file)
  • SBT file minimal support (Syntax highlighting, formatting, mark occurrences, a little bit of code completion)
  • Configurations (Formatting indentation, syntax coloring, port to use, activator parameters, etc.)
  • Support play version from 2.3.x and above


  • NetBeans 8 and above
  • Java 8 and above


  • For Scala support you should install the nbscala plugin by Caoyuan Deng. See: Only the Scala Editor module is required

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User Comments


Play 2.6.x don't use "activator" but sbt

We must give an "activator directory" in NetBeans with your plugin, but last 2.6.x play framework use "sbt" and no more "activator". What can we made for this ?
Posted by jcstritt on Aug 26, 2017