RTF copy/paste for 8.1 - plugin detail

Netbeans plugin to copy/paste editor content with formatting to RTF format. This allows to to copy code with highlighted syntax to presentations.

NetBeans Plugin - RTF copy/paste for 8.1
Plugin owner: misias
Website: https://bitbucket.org/mimowo/rtfcopypaste
Added: 2015-11-15
License: GPL 3
Category: Editing
Downloaded: 6,037 times
 4.44, by 2 users

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Download plugin   Download size: 0.02 MB   Last Update: 2015-11-15

What's new in this version

Support for utf8 (thanks to akks).

Verifications for NetBeans versions

Plugin is not subject to any verification


  1. Select code,
  2. Click right mouse button and select "Copy as RTF format" to copy, selected content to system clipboard,
  3. Paste clipboard content to some RTF editor like OpenOffice or MSWord (special paste).
Additional options:
  1. Go to Tools - Options
  2. Select Copy/Paste tab to customize plugin options.
This project is developed as open source, here: https://bitbucket.org/mimowo/rtfcopypaste. You are welcome to contribute. Special thanks for contributing:
  • akks - support for utf8

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User Comments



I get errors when I try to RTF copy escape sequences for new line in the code. Please fix this error, otherwise it's a great plug-in! Thank you!
Posted by sustainedkeys on Nov 13, 2018

NetBeans 8.2

The version for NetBeans 8.2 can be found here: http://plugins.netbeans.org/plugin/72681
Posted by tehnicaorg on Nov 28, 2017

NetBeans 8.2 support?

I really like this plugin, but it fails to install in NetBeans 8.2. Any chance we could get an update to this plugin?
Posted by cliffwd2 on Apr 05, 2017

Failing conversion with international characters

The conversion problem described below occurs even in the case of accented letters (i.e. è) and the EUR symbol (€).
Posted by mceserani on Nov 04, 2016


I downloaded the last version of netbeans yesterday and it shows the error when trying to install:

Algunos plugins necesitan que se instale el plugin Almacén de Configuraciones del Editor.
Se necesita el plugin Almacén de Configuraciones del Editor en la versión de implantación 201510222201.

¿Can you please check your module dependencies please?
Posted by javatlacati on Jan 01, 2016

Thanks for reporting

I've ticketed the issue about failing conversion on "\n". Will solve it in the new version.
Posted by misias on Dec 02, 2015

Identified a "New Line" Error

I have isolated an error when copying Java code, I have a line of code as:


This causes the entire copy to fail and I have isolated it further to the \n

Until there is a resolution my workaround has been to manually copy everything but the \n

This is a painful process on larger sections of code. otherwise, I have not run into many issues with this and love the functionality!
Posted by FiliTine on Dec 02, 2015

Some bug here

This doesn't work with HTML code (no "Copy as RTF format" with right mouse click). With JavaScript or Java ok.
Posted by jcstritt on Nov 22, 2015