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NetBeans Plugin - Rest Service Tester
Plugin owner: scuro
Added: 2016-02-23
License: Apache 2.0
Category: Utilities
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This plugin provides basic functionality for creating HTTP requests so you can easily call REST services from Netbeans. Open the request editor from the Tools menu (Tools > Rest Service Tester), or right click any JSON file from you project and select 'Use in Rest Service Tester' to use the file's contents in the request. *This is still a work in progress. But I need this now so I already released it.* There are some issues that require attention: - Ignore invalid certificate for HTTPS connections - Pretty print the returned data - Save requests - Save request output - GUI improvements There are better tools for this (browser add-ons), but inside a corporate environment it is not always possible to install these.

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New UI

I saw your refactoring UI thing, it looks much better than the old one, please look at the app for chrome called postman:

I really like it, but I will use your plugin if it is similar to postman. There is some missing, because it should split header, body and the rest. Body, if it is xml or json, there should be a read only editor with syntaxhighlighting and line numbers.
Posted by ChrisLE on Mar 17, 2016

Updated the repo link

Sources avaiable @
Posted by scuro on Feb 25, 2016

Don't have access to repo

I got the message: I don't have access to the repo on this repo:
Posted by ChrisLE on Feb 25, 2016