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Code templates to create JavaFX-Properties

Plugin owner: boessu
Added: 2016-04-18
License: lgpl 3.0
Category: Code Generation
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- Fix: removed two standard templates which where also included by error. - Fix: adding one space before the template begins to prevent the auto-completion listing if the aim is more to get keywords like "public", "protected", "private".

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Generating JavaFX base type Properties on-the-fly with code templates. All templates begin with "fx", followed by the basic type. The basic lazy initialization ends with "lazy", read-only ends with "ro". The basic pattern has no specific ending. There are 3 patterns supported: Basic, Read-Only and Basic Lazy properties. Basic is the one as all cookbook will describe: Getter and Setter, Property method is based on Read-Only bases on Wrapper- and ReadOnly-property classes. Basic Lazy properties do manage a shadow-field (lazy initialization). On that way a Property-Class-Instance will only be created if someone really needs a property. Elsewhere it will be handled as standard field (less memory consumption). See for further explanations, especially about the Basic Lazy pattern.

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