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Text information, text manipulation and tools. It includes encoding, decoding of URL, base64, ROT13, ROT47, Java unicode, hexadecimal and more. It lists Java system properties, environment variables and Swing properties. Text characteristics such as word count, character count, md5, sha and more. Allow searching and splitting text using regular expression. Text manipulation: sort lines, shuffle lines, reverse lines, delete duplicates, number lines, extract words and more.

NetBeans Plugin - Japplis toolbox
Plugin owner: agoubard
Website: http://toolbox.japplis.com
Added: 2008-03-31
License: Freeware
Category: Utilities
Downloaded: 3,750 times
 4.05, by 1 users

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Versions available

Download plugin   Download size: 0.07 MB   Last Update: 2012-09-02

What's new in this version

This version adds ROT13, ROT47 en Java unicode encoding and decoding. There is also a new tab to help you find text in files (included gz file).

Verifications for NetBeans versions

Plugin is not subject to any verification

Download plugin   Download size: 0.08 MB   Last Update: 2009-09-15

This plugin is also available on the NetBeans Plugin Portal Update Center. Use 'Tools > Plugins' action from the NetBeans IDE main menu for convenient installation of this plugin

What's new in this version

  • Upgraded to Apache Commons Codec 1.4
  • Also available as standalone executable for Windows
  • Plug-in repacked with NetBeans 6.7.1
  • Sort lines
  • Reverse lines
  • shuffle lines
  • Add line number
  • Delete duplicated lines
  • Trim spaces
  • Extract word
  • Split regexp
  • Hash code

Verifications for NetBeans versions

6.7 verification PASSED See verification details


Japplis Toolbox is a text utility for developer.
  • Encoding / Decoding: URL, Base64, ROT13, ROT47, Java unicode, hexadecimal, hex or binary
  • Java System Properties, Environment Variables, Swing Defaults
  • Text information: character count, word count, MD5, SHA, XML Validate, hash code
  • Charater map
  • Pattern: long to date, date to long, match regexp, contains regexp, split on regexp
  • Text manipulation: sort lines, reverse lines, shuffle lines, delete duplicated lines, number lines, extract words, trim spaces.
  • Find text in files (included gz) or count occurences.

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