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NetBeans Plugin - Title Bar
Plugin owner: ar-org-austral
Website: http://www.github.com/ar-org-austral/java-netbeans-plugins-titlebar
Added: 2016-11-24
License: GPL 3.0
Category: Graphical User Interface
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This project allows to turn on or turn off the main window's title bar of the netbeans ide or a netbeans platform based program using the java api Frame.setUndecorated(booleanundecorated) function. Also, to minimize, restore, maximize, close, move, re size and display the window's title bar text using custom mover and re sizer handlers, custom title bar buttons and tooltip placed and accessible throw the main window's menu bar.  Summary     Turn on off, the main window title bar.     Custom mover and re sizer handler.     Title bar's text displayed as tooltip.     Custom title bar buttons, Icon set based on the netbeans api TabDisplayer class.     Options panel accessible throw the menu Tools > Options > Appearance > Title Bar.     Default keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+BACK_SPACE.     License GPL 3.0. WARNINGwhen switching between the show title bar states, the main windows is disposed and displayed again, due that, any child window or floating window could also be affected during the operation.

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