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Phonegap for netbeans

Plugin owner: WDV-Kionier
Added: 2016-11-29
License: GPLv3
Category: Debugging
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Adobe create a mobile developing platforms based on html5 ( One of it developing tool called PhoneGap Desktop app is very useful for debugging, only there is no Linux version.
This plug-in emulates this function using Netbeans for its interface.

The plug-in is in fact two plug-ins
- PhoneGap4NB: this is the interface part where you select, start and stop the service.
- PhoneGap4NBlib: this is the background service that provides the connection to the mobile
(Sometimes the library needs to be activated before it works)

On your mobile you also need to run the original Phonegap mobile app which can be found in the appstore.

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