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This Key-shortcut with help Netbeans user to more productive with using CodeIgniter Autocomplete functions.

NetBeans Plugin - Codeigniter Shortcut
Plugin owner: anish137i
Added: 2017-01-29
License: gnu public license v3
Category: Code Generation
Downloaded: 7,209 times
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What's new in this version

First Release v1.0 with more than 30+ shortcut keys bind to work with codeigniter

Verifications for NetBeans versions

Plugin is not subject to any verification


Following Shortcut Commands can be usable.
civer CI-NB Template Version Info
php Get php tag in html view
cianchor Codeigniter Anchor
cicontroller Codeigniter Controller
cicookie Codeigniter Fetch Cookie Data
cidbaffected Database Affected Rows
cidbcount Database Count All
cidbdelete Codeigniter AR delete
cidbget Codeigniter AR Get
cidbgroup Codeigniter AR group
cidbinsert Codeigniter AR insert
cidbinsertbatch Codeigniter AR insert batch
cidbinsertid Database Insert Id
cidbjoin Codeigniter AR Join
cidblast Database last Query
cidblimit Codeigniter AR limit **|
cidbload Codeigniter Load Database
cidbquery Codeigniter Standard Query
cidbselect Codeigniter AR select
cidbupdate Codeigniter AR update
cidbwhere Codeigniter AR where **|
ciflash Flash Data
ciformcheckbox Form checkbox
ciformclose Form Close
ciformdropdown Form dropdown
ciformhidden Form hidden
ciforminput Form input
ciformlabel Form label
ciformopen Form Open
ciformpass Form password
ciformsubmit Form submit
ciformtext Form text
ciformupload Form upload
ciget Codeigniter GET
cigetpost Codeigniter GET_POST
cilibrary Codeigniter Library
ciloadhelper Load helper
ciloadlibrary Load library
ciloadmodel Load Model
ciloadview Load View
cimodel Codeigniter Model
cipost Codeigniter POST
ciserver Codeigniter Fetch Server Data
cisesall Session All Userdata
cisesdata Session Userdata
cisesdestroy Session destroy
cisesset Session Set Userdata
cisesunset Session unset userdata
cisetcookie Set Cookie Data
civalidation Run set validation
cirun Run form validation

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